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The ultimate target of
 Majordomo Concierge-errand services is to render expert support with
typical everyday stresses enhanced by time constraints. More often than not, persons are hard-pressed
to make
appointments without utilizing personal time or a vacation day here and there. Perks earned that could be best spent with family or perhaps a simple laid-back Saturday. When was the last time you didn’t have to cram everything into one weekend? Need your car serviced? Will you give up a workday to wait for the cable man, or repairman? Dog needs grooming? Working hard on an important project with no time to spare?

Check the services list and give me a call.

        "Simplify"- make life easier and have more of yourself to give to what matters most!"    


With over twenty years of administrative experience and skill sets as an executive assistant, it was time to take hold of my experiences
 and change the venue of how to make them work for me. It is too soon to retire, and there is little time to replenish my future!
 Hence the creation of "Majordomo Concierge-Errand Svcs". I grew up in Southbridge, MA, a transplant from Rhode Island
 at a young age; educated in the Southbridge schools. Through time, I added certificate courses via a nearby college, (Computer
 Concepts, Travel Agency Operations), and several business ourses. This was a start of the foundation that eventually brought me
to a seriously gratifying job working for a global corporation in Springfield, MA. I managed to have the same seat through three
different corporations in seven years, which culminated in a huge job description and eventual corporate downsizing. I am ready to
leap into something more personal and connected to community. I anticipate that you will find the services offered can relieve some
stresses, enabling you to find more time for family and fun, and using less of those
 personal benefits  from your job for mundane obligations.